Wedding Crashers—New Line

Video: 4
Audio: 4
Extras: 4

What Harold and Maude was to funerals, Wedding Crashers is to nuptials. A rollicking buddy comedy that spearheaded the great "Return of the R-Rated Comedies" campaign of 2005, this Owen Wilson/Vince Vaughn team-up proved to be a true word-of-mouth box-office success. Besides wonderful comedic chemistry between Wilson and Vaughn and the writing's total immersion in sexual frankness (e.g., "Why don't you go enjoy yourself while I go ice my balls and spit up blood?"), David Dobkin's assured pacing and direction won over audiences with both the film's infectious energy and the sincerity of the romantic subplot.

The DVD's 2.40:1 anamorphic picture is crisp, with no noticeable flaws, while the Dolby Digital 5.1 track allows home audiences to hear all of the dialogue they might have missed in theaters that were filled with the roaring laughter of delighted audiences.

Special features include a featurette on the rules of crashing weddings and a making-of, as well as deleted scenes—with one that's actually funny for once. (There's just something about Christopher Walken discussing the munchies.) Also included are audio recordings from the film's first test screening. While listening to audio of an audience's chortling couldn't be any more boring, hearing Dobkin's commentary about the usefulness of testing audiences is revealing, as it's a part of the postproduction process rarely discussed on DVDs. Finally, there's a director's commentary, as well as one with just Wilson and Vaughn. Besides being informative in terms of learning which scenes were from the script and which were improvised, the commentary also demonstrates that these actors' onscreen chemistry apparently exists off-screen as well.