iPod Traveling Companions

Pelican i1030 ($45; pelican.com). Think "pelican" and you may rightly think "watertight." But the i1030 micro-case is dustproof and crushproof, too, so take that, big bird! The polycarbonate case is available in yellow or white. There's room in the molded- rubber compartment for your cable, and the lid organizer will store your earphones and AC adapter. A detachable nylon strap is included.

Sonic Impact iP22 ($90; si5.com). For all-in-one music on the go, the iP22 portable speaker system has a docking station for your iPod, a digital amp, and two drivers. Sound is enhanced by MaxxBass technology. The unit runs on four AA batteries (for 24 hours) or the included AC adapter (which will recharge your iPod as you listen). Zip it, and the hardcover case will keep everything protected.

Sonic Impact Video-55 ($300; si5.com). Sonic's iP22 not enough for your iPod video? The company also offers the Video-55 portable video/audio system, with a 7-inch widescreen LCD display and speakers firing forward from its "boom tube" hinge. Among its accessories are a rechargeable battery, AC and car adapters, and a remote control.

Memorex iFlip ($200; memorexelectronics.com). Here's another way to go with video in tow. The iFlip portable video/audio system has a widescreen LCD display measuring 8.4 inches, and its speakers fire upward from the bottom panel, flanking your docked iPod. A rechargeable battery and an AC adapter are included.

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