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Editors' Choice Awards Ceremony See the people behind the products (and the awards) for the best audio and video gear of 2006.

Hot New Products Pictures and descriptions of more than 50 exciting new products from CES 2007.

CES Video Exclusives

Sam Runco of Runco International S&V's Jamie Sorcher checks out what one of the pioneers of home theater is excited about this year.

Exceptional Innovation's LifeWare Control everything in your home - and we mean everything - from your TV sets.

LG, Sony, and Philips Product Showcase We get up close and personal with some of the most interesting new products from these A/V powerhouses.


CES 2007 - Wilder and Crazier Than Ever The big picture on the big show

A-VSB Takes Digital TV on the Road Low-def subsidiary channels promise new options for broadcasters and viewers

Whole Lotta Convergence Goin' On Who needs hi-def when we've got YouTube?

iPod Unleashed New ways to enjoy all the music, photos, and videos stashed on your iPod

THX Demonstrates "Blackbird" Automatic System Adjustment Technology Also shows off new trailer and first Ultra2-certified in-wall subwoofer

HDMI 1.3 Wobbles Out of the Gate Manufacturer support for the new A/V interface standard is spotty

HDTV Wrap-up Thin is in, speed thrills, and new-tech surges ahead


TiVo Coming to Comcast DVRs Software will be downloadable to existing cable-box DVRs

Nikko Introduces LCoS Home-Entertainment Droid May the Force be with you, always

Hi-Def Cable for Media Center PCs Niveus DCR supplies missing link


Satellite Gets Serious About HD Free HD DVR from Dish, 100 HD channels from DirecTV


LG to Launch First Blu-ray/HD DVD Combo Player Also introduces new 1080p flat-panel HDTVs

Mid-price HD DVD Player and New LCDs Headline Toshiba Intros HD-A20 player slots between existing models

Sharp Announces New LCD HDTVs and First Blu-ray Disc Player Latest panels include "Vyper Drive" models for gamers

Sights & Sounds of the Show

Up and Down See just how exciting a day at CES can be!

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