Generation Kill

From the creator of The Wire comes an in-depth look at the Iraq War from the perspective of the 1st Recon Marines—and it isn't pretty. Rolling Stone correspondent Evan Wright rode along with the platoon for 40 days in 2003 before writing a series of articles that ran in the magazine, which led to a book, then the mini-series.

HBO has consistently delivered outstanding presentations on Blu-ray, and this is no exception. The video quality is superb, but the DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 soundtrack is consistently mesmerizing throughout the entire 470-minute series.

On maneuvers.

  • Disc 1, Episode 1, Chapter 1, 0:00:28
  • Detail, dynamics, surround imaging, frequency response
  • You can easily read the speedometer and odometer on the dashboard of the Humvee. Notice the layer of sand caked along the edges of the instrument panel.
  • The sound design in this entire chapter is amazing. Listen to the crackle of the radio emanating from the surround channels—it sounds like you're wearing a headset—as well as the hum and rumble of the tires as they roll along the desolate landscape. Once the bullets start flying, check out the superior frequency response, from the rattle of the machine guns to the room-shaking bass when the sacrificial vehicles explode.

A break from the invasion.

  • Disc 1, Episode 2, Chapter 1, 0:03:08
  • Shadow detail, surround imaging
  • Notice the shadow detail in the background and the overall detail in the facial textures showing the dirt, grime, and sweat on Person's face.
  • Listen to the panning of vehicles through the soundstage, the conversations in the background, and the clear dialog when Sgt. Colbert speaks to Corporal Person.

Time to move out.

  • Disc 2, Episode 5, Chapter 2, 0:24:46
  • Shadow detail, detail, surround imaging
  • Notice the clear background, even in the nighttime darkness, and the detail in the machine gun.
  • Listen to the ambient effects of the distant claps of artillery and the panning of sounds as the camera moves from right to left—the distinct clicks of loading weapons and the moving of conversations across the front soundstage.

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