GAME REVIEW: Call of Duty 3

Thrusting you into the Normandy Breakout, the spectacular graphics and sound of this game make it one of the most immersive, movie-like World War II shooters yet. Details in the environments will astound you, including some of the most lifelike vegetation ever seen in a game - from individual blades of grass that sway in the breeze to lush trees that let rays of light filter through. In a realistic thunderstorm, flashes of lightning illuminate your surroundings, and pools of water form in holes left behind by detonated grenades. There's also a cool depth-of-field effect when you hold down the left trigger on your controller to look through your gun's sight. And of course, the series' now-famous smoke effects are back, more billowy and believable than ever.

In the sonic assault, enemy fire streaks in from every direction, the gunshots of other skirmishes can be heard in the distance, and fighter planes roar overhead. When bombers drop their payload, subwoofer-challenging blasts make your screen appear to shake, and debris seems to rain down around you. But amidst all the aural chaos, be sure to listen closely: Your squadmates will shout the location of unseen enemies. ("Germans to the east!") Some repetitive dialogue and stereotypical banter aside, the sound will give your surround system a workout - and together with the graphics, it'll turn your home theater into a theater of war. (Activision, PS3; also for PS2, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360; Rated T)

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