Gallo Unveils New Reference

The Reference 3.5 from Anthony Gallo Acoustics replaces the Reference 3.1. It was shown at the last CES but is now moving into production. New features include a patented cylindrical piezo film tweeter. The woofer enclosure, just one-quarter of a cubic foot in volume, includes a dampening material that is encased in plastic mesh and therefore does its job exceptionally well. Results: sassy crystalline highs, well-developed and well-controlled bass, and since Anthony has a good ear, a musically adept midrange as well. A second set of speaker terminals is provided for speaker-level output to a sub.

Phillip McCrevis's picture

The 2nd set of terminals is now an OUPUT?!? Sweet! I've slept my way through a few demos myself, so I understand where you are coming from.Good job on the report! You did it, buddy!