The Gadget Girl: Ultra Mobile Personal Computers

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Desktop, laptop ... and now, palmtop! The muscled-up UMPCs - that's Ultra Mobile Personal Computers - pack in all the stuff that your laptop has, minus the bulk. One of the hottest, due to hit stores this summer, is HTC's Advantage X7501 (approximately $800; Although pocket-size, it boasts a 5-inch touch-sensitive screen, a detachable QWERTY keyboard, and an 8-gigabyte hard drive. The Advantage is 3G-, Wi-Fi-, and Bluetooth-capable, and it also has built-in GPS and a 3-megapixel camera.

SAMSUNG's Q1 Ultra ($799 and up; sports a 7-inch-wide touchscreen and an integrated split-QWERTY keypad with mouse. Its 300-pixel Webcam (plus dual-array mike) enables you to engage in face-to-face video conversations.

OQO's Model 02 ($1,499 and up; is billed as the world's smallest Windows Vista-capable computer. It features complete wireless connectivity, a 30-GB hard drive, a built-in keyboard, and a 5-inch indoor/outdoor-readable display. There's even an HDMI output that allows you to connect the Model 02 to HDTV displays.

SONY's Vaio UX Micro ($1,850 and up; - with an integrated keyboard that slides out from under the 4.5-inch-wide screen - includes a touch launcher for quick access to the Internet and e-mail. It has two cameras - one of which, used with the built-in mike and speakers, enables communication by VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). And there's a biometrics fingerprint-sensor so you don't have to remember passwords.

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