Focal Releases Aria K2 936 Floorstanding Loudspeaker

France’s Focal, maker of speakers ranging from affordable affordable home theater models to high-end exotica, has introduced an updated version of its Aria 936 floorstander, the Aria K2 936.

The new 3-way floorstanding loudspeaker features a striking yellow-hued K2 cone used in other Focal speaker lines plus an “ultra-rigid” MDF cabinet with an exclusive Ash Grey finish. According to Focal, the K2 cone is “comprised of an ultralight foam core sandwiched between a layer of aramid fibers and a layer of glass fibers.” The speaker's trio of bass drivers offer “impressive power handling and dynamics,” and are augmented by a multiport PowerFlow system with a floor-facing vent.

While the K2 cone—which Focal first introduced in 1986—is the star of the show, the Aria K2 936 also features the same aluminum/magnesium TNF tweeter found in the company’s Chora range. This design uses Poron, a material with "shape memory," that’s said to yield high frequency output with low directivity, along with significantly reduced distortion in the critical 2-3kHz range. The Aria K2 936 also features a leather effect front panel that helps notch up the elegance factor over its standard Aria 936 stablemate.

The Aria K2 936 will be available in early 2021 for $5,990/pair. Visit Focal’s website for more info.