Fibbr to Launch 8K/HDR-Ready Optical HDMI Cable

“Here for today and ready for tomorrow” is how China-based Fibbr is positioning the imminent launch of Ultra 8K, a “plug-and-play” 8K/HDR-ready fiber-optic HDMI cable said to support transmission speeds up to 56 gigabits per second (Gbps) over distances up to 164 feet (50 meters).

Slated to debut at CES 2018, which opens in Las Vegas on January 9, the cable is described as slim and flexible, yet strong and 60 percent lighter than traditional cabling, which mitigates problems caused when heavy cables put undue stress on delicate connectors. Fibbr says it can be bent 180 degrees to assure “flexibility and durability in extreme conditions with uninterrupted transmission of signals.”

The Ultra 8K cable is made using the “highest-quality glass fibers” and derives power direct from AC coupling, eliminating the need for external power on the receiving end. To simplify installation, a SmartLED indicator on the source connector lights up to confirm proper connection and operation status.

The benefits of fiber-optic HDMI cables over traditional copper include reliable high bandwidth, extremely low signal attenuation, and high resistance to external electromagnetic interference, according to Fibbr.

Fibbr will also demonstrate its Ultra Pro V2.0 series of 4K/HDR-rated optical HDMI cables, which are certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) to support 4K at 60 frames per second (fps) and speeds up to 18Gbps.

For more information, visit CES 2018.

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Thanks for this news, FIBBR's current Ultra Pro Series for 4K over HDMI v2.0b is shipping now too, offering all the same features at 18 Gbps which is all you need for native 4K content with HDR or Dolby Vision. 8K content is some years away for consumers but if it does come to pass, this new 56 Gbps version will future proof the end user. For more information, contact Essence For Hi Res Audio, FIBBR's distributor in the USA.