Is Energy a Mirage?

A few years back the maker of Energy and Mirage speakers, Audio Products International, was bought by Klipsch. Then a company celled Gentec International gobbled up all three brands. Unfortunately, Energy and Mirage went through the succeeding years with little new of interest to the serious audiophile. A shame, because the Energy Veritas v2.8 from 1994 remains one of my all time favorite (and underappreciated speakers). I still own a pair and although they were never ready for home theater (a matching center channel was never made for the original Veritas'). I break them out every time I need a (still excellent) 2-channel referenced. That's not often these days, but as little as time as they get in my listening room they aren't going anywhere.

After a two year absence, Mirage, Energy, and Klipsch have reappeared at CES, but as the Energy side of the display shows in the photo, they weren't exactly setting CES on fire. But a brief discussion with a company rep revealed that they might be reviving the old Mirage M-1, in an updated version, later this year, possibly followed by a re-imagining of the Veritas line (though likely the more recent Veritas's, not my v2.8s or its sister, the v1.8 also from the same era). Stay tuned.

Jonathan's picture

Yeah! Energy Lives! Still kickin' the house with my C-6s from 1996!Best electronics purchase EVER.