ELK Products Offers Wireless Convenience and Automated Damage Control

At ELK Products’ press conference on Thursday, the company introduced several new additions to its Two-Way Wireless security and control product ecosystem. The ELK-6030P Wireless Pet Immune PIR motion detector is designed to be used with ELK Products’ M1 Cross Platform Control along with the ELK-M1XRFTW Two-Way Wireless Transceiver. Some of the notable features of the ELK-6030P are easy installation with a keypad-initiated walk test mode, two selectable sleep mode duration choices to help extend battery life, and a built-in security/convenience bright-white LED. The bright LED can be used to indicate motion detection during the walk test mode, be set to flash during audible alarm activation, as well as be programmed for various “on” activation modes. One such application for an “on” activation mode would be for use as a motion-activated “night light” in poorly lit hallways or stairways. ELK says that the inclusion of the security/convenience white LED is an industry-first.

Company representatives were extremely proud to discuss ELK’s new ELK-WSV2 Water Shutoff Valve. According to ELK, water damage is the number one reason homeowners file a homeowner insurance claim. In fact, industry statics indicate that water-related damage claims top fire, storm, and theft claims. The vast majority of these claims do not involve water damage resulting from floods, storms, or other natural causes. Instead, much of the water damage in homes is caused by easily preventable sources, such as those from burst washing machine hoses, refrigerator water-supply line leaks, and hot water tank leaks. With ELK’s ELK-WSV2 Water Shutoff Valve installed at the main water supply line coming into the house and water sensors installed in areas where water problems are likely to be found, the control system can automatically shut off the ELK-WSV2 whenever a water sensor is triggered – potentially saving thousands of dollars in insurance claims and the resulting increase in insurance rates. ELK says that some customers program their water shutoff valves to automatically shut off the incoming water supply whenever the security system is armed as an added measure of protection. An improvement over previous designs, the new model also includes a manual override.

ELK Products basic security and automation systems are designed to be self-monitored and do not require monthly or yearly service fees.