ELAC Unveils a Mighty Mini Integrated Amp

Small enough to sit on a computer desk—which is how it was set up at CEDIA—but powerful enough to drive a pair of tower speakers, ELAC’s new EA101EQ-G Element integrated amp is built to fit into a range of hi-fi scenarios. At $699, it also embodies the same easy-on-the-wallet ethos as the company’s popular, Andrew Jones-designed speakers.

The Element provides a 2 x 100 watt BASH amp and has analog and optical/ coaxial digital inputs plus an asynchronous USB input for a computer connection. Bluetooth streaming is onboard and the whole thing can be configured and controlled using ELAC’s iOS/Android app.

Unlike most integrated stereo amps, the Element has a subwoofer output along with built-in room EQ that can be applied not just to ELAC subwoofers, but any model sub you connect. ELAC plans to ship the Element in late 2016.