E.A.T. Turntables Are Yummy

We don’t cover turntables much here at S&V, but an interesting new line of upmarket turntables from European manufacturer E.A.T. is being distributed in the U.S. by VANA Ltd.

Shown here is the middle child of the three E.A.T. tables VANA brought to the show. It’s the E.A.T. Flat, in honor of its flat, unipivot tonearm. At $6500 it’s not chicken feed, but if you do a price search for today’s high-end turntables it’s not outrageous. For those audiophiles with two or more cartridges, the arm wand can be easily removed (one advantage to unipivot designs) and replaced with another loaded with a different cartridge. Extra arm wands are $750.

The other two models were the Forte S flagship, at $8500 with arm ($7500 without), and the C Sharp at $4000 ($4500 with an Ortofon Quintet Black cartridge). Both have more conventional (non-unipivot, non-flat) tonearms.

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Do any reporters at CES know of any companies that are planning to release a $6500 Stereo VHS deck? I have this 1986 VHS copy of "Top Gun", and the colors on the VHS decks were so much "warmer" and "natural" than that Blu-ray crap they try and force down my throat. Oh, and "Back To Mono"!!!