DVDO Gets Back In The Game

DVDO debuted three new upcoming products at their press conference today. First up was the Air 3 ($199), their latest wireless HDMI solution that cuts the cord and gives you 10 meters of 60 GHz wireless connectivity between a device and display. The new box is smaller and lighter and now supports high resolution audio as well.

With 4K getting more and more in the limelight, DVDO was quick to show their support. The Matrix 6 video switcher offers 6 UHD supporting HDMI ports with 2 supporting MHL products as well. This 4K switcher will set you back $499 but provides some great flexibility for your switching needs including digital audio breakouts and picture in picture.

Last up was a sneak peak of the new VRS Clear Vision. DVDO hasn’t had a new video processor for quite some time but this little box scales any input signal to 4K. It can also double as a 12 bit 4K pattern generator for calibration and setup! Details were light on this one but DVDO hopes to have it available early next year.