Downsizing Speakers

My current speakers are Aerial Acoustics Model 7Bs, which I have been very happy with. However, I am moving from a 20x16 listening area with a 20-foot ceiling to a senior-living condo with a 14x14 listening area and 9-foot ceiling. In my opinion, the 7Bs will take up too much room and, I believe, are not suitable for the smaller area. I like the Aerial line and would like to keep the sound quality I am used to. I have been thinking about the 6Bs, and I wonder if you have ever listened to them? I have received a few options from some dealers, but I'd like to get your take or maybe some other suggestions you may have.

Xavier Beard

Actually, there is no Model 6B, only the Model 6 (shown above). I haven't heard any Aerial speakers, so I can't comment from personal experience. Stereophile's review of the 7B includes its specs, which I compared with those of the Model 6 from Aerial's website. They are almost identical—virtually the same bottom end (35Hz for the 7B versus 38Hz for the 6), the same sensitivity (86dB/W/m), and the same nominal impedance (6Ω).

In terms of drivers, the 6 and 7B are very similar as well. Both use the same tweeter, midrange, and woofer, though the 7B has two woofers while the 6 has one. According to Aerial, they are voiced similarly, so they should sound very much alike.

All that being said, the 6 is actually better-suited for smaller rooms because it's front-ported, while the 7B's port is on the back. This allows the 6 to be placed closer to a wall, which could be important in a smaller space. Given that you like the sound of the 7B, I recommend that you get the 6 for your new, smaller digs.

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