Does Music Have Healing Properties?

For many people, music is a form of entertainment. For others, music is their avocation. For some, music is their job. Or maybe it's an artistic calling. For some people, music supposedly can be used to heal.

Music can inspire, pump you up, and literally make you dance. It can also do the opposite – it can relax you. There is an enormous catalog of this “meditation” music that is used by many people to soothe, focus the mind, or maybe just help them get to sleep.

Within that genre is a kind of music that claims to do much more. For example, listening might repair DNA or encourage emotional and physical healing. Many of these selections incorporate a specific frequency in their composition and use that aura of mathematics to give legitimacy to their claims. By assigning special meaning to a particular frequency, that frequency is itself now special. In other words, special properties are “audio-ized” and thus can be conveyed through music.

For example, consider some of the claims regarding 528 Hz. The 528 Hz frequency relates to the note “Mi” on the solfeggio scale and derives from the phrase “Mira gestorum.” This is Latin for “miracle.” Moreover, 528 resolves as 5+2+8 = 15, 1+5 = 6. The number 6 is the icon for physical manifestation. Similar analysis of the solfeggio frequencies will always produce the root numbers of 3, 6, or 9. And to famously quote Nikola Tesla, “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.” As you can see, we have Latin, music theory, mathematics, and the word of Nikola Tesla, to explain why 528 Hz is special.

Along similar lines of reasoning, significance can be assigned to many different frequencies. Let's consider some examples:

At this point, undoubtedly, you are expecting my concluding zinger remark. I have written several candidates, and some are trademark snarky. But I have decided not to share them with you. After some thought, I have decided that I do not understand this sub genre of music. I categorically reject the empirical claims that are often made. But I hold open the idea that this music is not without benefit.

I don't blame you if you dismiss my open-mindedness. I'll let you judge the utility of this music for yourself. But before you pass sentence, consider some of the comments that listeners have posted to these videos. For example, these comments are typical:

“Thank you for this wonderful healing music. I can feel the healing of my mind, body and spirit every night now. My worries and pain drop away. I feel as if I am wrapped in love, joy, caring and peace beyond all understanding. I cannot explain what an unbelievable gift this is to me. I’ve had insomnia all of my life and have gone many months and 2 years once without sleeping. God bless you for sharing this with all of us who are suffering. I am grateful beyond words to you. Asking God to reward you for healing us all with your magical healing music. Sending love to you and all who come here to recover!”

“I'm 42 years old and recently suffered a heart attack and I have lived most of my life not caring about myself. This was a huge wake up call to myself and my family. I have never begged the universe for anything until last Sunday. I begged not to be taken away from my family my beautiful wife and three kids. The thought of losing them literally shook me to my core. Thank you all mighty universe for allowing me to be in their lives. Thank you!!”

"I lost my husband in April this year. I feel huge sadness and I can't struggle with that feeling. I try to find something that brings me to him in my sleep. Maybe I am crazy but when I listen [to] this I feel his presence around me. Sorry for my bad English. I just want to thank you."

Does music have the power to heal the soul? You decide.

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A very long time ago, a guy who was diagnosed with terminal cancer decided to spend what he thought was his last days watching comedy movies. He then went into remission. Did the movies and his improved attitude have anything to do with it? Probably not.

Hey, having a positive outlook inspired by anything will help keep you healthy as you can be.

I had a highly stressful year a while ago and I got 3 colds in 12 months. The stress was killing me and not even music could not help. I got past it, but, wow, was that not fun.

When your life is cratering, not even your favorite tunes will help you.