Dinosaur TV

I have an old 50-inch front-projection TV sold by Sears under the brand Proformance around 1984. The picture is still good overall, but small text such as a ticker at the bottom and sports scores are out of focus. Large text is okay. It seems like it needs to be re-focused and realigned on the screen, but I don't have a manual and neither does the Internet. I also don't want to put any tech money into this TV, so hopefully I can do the adjustment myself. Included in this message are pics of the TV and the problem along with the control panel. Is there anything I can do to correct these problems?

I found a link to a procedure to refocus a 3-CRT rear-projection TV, and I wonder if it will work from the front controls of my TV?


Wow, what a dinosaur! I found one online that sold at auction for $5.00!

From the photo of the control panel you sent, you can display an internally generated crosshatch pattern, which is necessary to make any adjustments. There are recessed set-screws to adjust something horizontal and vertical in the red and blue CRTs so they coincide with the green, but I don't know if they adjust position or zoom. Also, I assume you can adjust the focus of the CRTs directly on the lenses. The procedure you found online does not look all that helpful for your situation.

But even at its best, this thing is no match for even a mediocre modern flat panel. The screen is 4:3 with a compound curve and probably very high gain, so there's only one viewing location that's going to look any good at all—and it's never going to look very good compared with modern TVs. Honestly, unless you're a serious gearhead who enjoys fiddling with old equipment, I wouldn't waste my time.

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