Digital Projection Goes Big and Bright with LED

Digital Projection showcased its two newest DLP projectors at CEDIA, the updated single-chip M-Vision Cine LED1000 ($12,995) and the 3-chip Titan 1080P LED 3D ($80,000). And when I say showcase, I mean showcase: Both PJs were projecting images on a huge 165-inch screen that made you feel as if you were sitting in a real cinema.

What’s new about the M-Vision Cine LED1000 is that light output has been bumped up from 600 lumens to 1,000 lumens. While that might not sound like much to a projector geek, DPI says that the pure, directed light beamed by LED lamps results in a significantly brighter-looking image than what you’d get from a standard lamp. (Then there are the twin perks of near-silent operation and not having to replace the lamp.) Looking at the big, satisfyingly bright picture put out by the M-Vision Cine LED1000, I have to say I was sold on the benefits of LED projection.

What does your $80,000 buy you with the Titan 1080P LED 3D? Three DLP chips means a "broader" color gamut, and the Titan’s spec’d 2,000 lumens output means it delivers an even brighter picture. DPI’s higher-end model also has Intelligent Lens Memory to enable multiple aspect ratios with constant-height screen systems like Stewart Filmscreen’s Director’s Choice—the subject of another great demo going on at CEDIA 2013.