Definitive Technology Unveils 3 New Speakers

Three new models from this formidable Baltimore-based company include an ultra-thin on-wall or on-shelf model plus two in-walls. The biggest news is the Mythos XTR, a 1.5-inch-deep speaker designed to complement a flat-panel TV. That DefTech is giving it the coveted Mythos name is significant. It is said to deliver punchy dynamics by coupling the drivers to four dome low-bass radiators. The speaker also uses the same aluminum tweeter found in the high-end Mythos ST SuperTower. The XTR-50 will ship in the first quarter of 2010 for $799, to be joined for two additional Mythos XTR models later in the year. Also to be shown at CEDIA are the in-wall DI 5.5LCR and DI 6.5LCR, which go with the previously introduced DI 5.5BPS bipolar surround. Woofer sizes are indicated in the model numbers. Prices: DI 5.5LCR, $399/each, DI 6.5LCR, $499/each.