Decorator TVs from HANNspree

Talk about picture in picture - HANNspree lets you watch Looney Toons on Taz the Tazmanian devil.

A relatively new entrant in the market, HANNspree sells only LCD TVs, all of very novel appearance. New at this show were ten stylish models with screen sizes ranging from 26 to 50 inches. These "Design-Centric" models include the Vibe, Wing, Nara, and Lounge. The Lounge has a fully finished wood veneer back, exemplifying what the company calls its 360-degree styling. On the whimsical side, HANNspree has signed a licensing agreement with Warner Brothers to use its Looney Tunes cartoon characters in TV set designs, with the likes of Taz and Bugs facing you while you watch the box. Prices are $449 for 10-inch screens and $499 for 12-inch screens, available in February. HANNspree makes its own LCD panels and claims to be the world's third largest LCD manfacturer.

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