Decibullz Contour ES Earbuds Melt in Your Ear, Not in Your Hand

Decibullz Contour ES earbuds use DIY thermo-fit custom-molded earpieces. They are the latest offering from Decibullz which first showed thermo-molded earbuds three years ago. The new earbuds also sport wireless capability; they are said to be one of the smallest and lightest Bluetooth earbuds available.

You may be asking, what is a thermo-fit custom earpiece? I am glad you asked that question. You heat the Decibullz thermoplastic earpieces in hot (boiled) water and shape them to your outer ears. Interestingly, the earpieces are re-moldable, so if you don’t get a good fit on the first try, you can try again, until you get the perfect fit. Pretty simple, and you don’t need a trip to an audiologist; on the other hand, the fit may not be as precise as the higher-priced custom-fit options. Interestingly, the molded earpieces are interchangeable with all new Decibullz products.

This custom fit helps ensure a more comfortable fit, a more secure one, and also one with better noise isolation. The secure fit is assisted by the earbud’s small size and light weight. Plus - and this is important – it gives you the perfect excuse to say no when your buddies want to borrow your earbuds. Not sure if that’s a hygiene issue, but it always seems gross.

Other facts: The earbud uses a machined aluminum housing, a three-button remote is incorporated, and the custom-tuned drivers measure 9.2mm. Small, medium, and large silicone tips are provided; you choose the closest fit before you start molding. A cable clip lets you adjust cable length. The wireless earbuds support AptX. A carrying case is included.

The Decibullz Contour ES Bluetooth model retails for $120 while a wired model sells for $60; both are available now.