Concessions in Session

Let’s face it—everything’s better with snacks. If you want a truly authentic moviegoing experience at home, you gotta have your concessions in order. Plus, what’s a movie screening without the familiar sound of crinkling candy wrappers, the smell of buttery popcorn in the air, and a Milk Dud or two on the floor? Add in some professional-grade signage, and your guests will never want to venture to the local cineplex again. Better buy your Duds in bulk.


The Art Deco Edge-Lite DVD Marquee is an illuminated display stand for your featured film. You can pick from a list of popular headers or create your own. It’s available in four LED colors—red, blue, green, and white—and includes an AC power adapter. Ordering the marquee with your theater name or logo engraved in the acrylic is also an option. $85,


The Kenwood Marquee Home Theater Sign makes it personal with your theater name, family name, or personalized saying. You can customize the message and look with non-illuminated, white LED, or color LED lighting options. Choose a solid color, strobe, flash, or color rotation setting via remote control. Finishes for the marquee, which is powered by an AC adapter, include Black Galaxy, Antique Gold, Hammered Bronze, Hammered Silver, Hammered Gray, Hammered Black, and Black Satin. $425,


Man cannot live by popcorn alone. Pargagon’s new Dog Hut Hotdog Steamer is constructed of heavy-duty 20-gauge stainless steel and accommodates up to 200 hot dogs/sausages and 42 buns. Tongs are included. The Hut’s removable product trays and sliding doors allow for easy access to hot dogs and help with cleanup. All removable parts are dishwasher safe. $319,

613cinsty.junkfood1.jpg’s Concession Stand for the Home comes in Burgundy, Navy, Red, Black, and Green; accent stripe options include Satin Silver, Polished Silver, Satin Gold, and Polished Gold. The lighted candy concession stand’s dimensions are 60 x 38 x 20 inches. $2,663,


This hardwood concession stand available at comes with a built-in illuminated candy case (accessible from the front). It features select maple hardwood with stains to simulate Vermont Maple, Scandia Maple, American Cherry, Indian Cherry, or Special Mahogany. You can also provide your own stain code from a major paint supplier. The candy case measures 42 x 38 x 22 inches and is available in a Satin Silver, Polished Silver, Satin Gold, or Polished Gold finish. $3,040,

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I would think a popcorn cart would be #1 on the list. They look cool and you can get tabletop models for cheap ($30-50).

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This is some cool stuff. I especially like the movie display stand. However, all this stuff is pretty expensive. I guess it's not too out of reach for those who have the money to build a separate home theater. i would have liked to see stuff that's closer to average joe price. Kinda like stuff from

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It's a great topic.

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