Coby Soundbar vs. TV Speakers

Would you recommend using the Coby CSMP88 soundbar instead of the TV speakers in my LG plasma?

Nick Andrade

I heard the Coby CSMP88, which incorporates a 3D-audio algorithm from Sonic Emotion, at CES last January, and I was very impressed. (So was radio talk-show host Leo Laporte, seen here listening to the demo.) However, it was only for a few minutes in an environment that is nothing like a home. I hope to review it at some point, but until I do, I can't say for certain how well it performs in a home setting. Still, just about any soundbar would be a distinct inprovement in sound quality over the speakers in just about any TV.

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unisenmedia's picture

It is a fact! TV's are getting thinner and the picture is getting better and better, in most cases, but the sacrifice has been the quality of sound. I am a dealer for Samsung and the reps for Samsung will even tell you that almost no TV manufacturer cares about the speakers in the TV's they make. It is all about the picture. Mitsubishi tried with their Unisen series and look what happened, they are no longer making them. Today everyone is making sound bars and even making them look like the TV frame i.e. Samsung. Thank God, I got tired of clients asking why the TV sounds so bad or the speakers were vibrating at higher volumes. We recommend surround sounds or soundbars to all of our clients, that way in the end they can not blame us due to sound issues. For the most part any soundbar will do, there almost always better then the speakers in the TV.