Coastal Ships High-Performance Outdoor Speakers

Winter may be upon us but that didn’t deter NJ-based Coastal Source from announcing the availability of a new line of mix-and-match high-performance outdoor speakers that were previewed at CEDIA 2023 in September.

The new patent-pending Razor line comprises eight passive models across three series defined by size and breadth, all featuring low-profile “hardscape” cabinets that are designed to be mounted on a wall or in a corner.

The 100 Series is dedicated to the 10.6-inch-tall RZ110 2-way satellite speaker, the 200 Series features the medium-size RZ210 2.5-way and RZ220 3-way speakers, and the 300 Series includes five models that span three distinct applications: The 3-foot-tall RZ310 3-way model, two soundbars — the RZ320 2.1-channel and RZ330 3.1-channel models, designed for surface or corner mounting — the RZ340 line-source speaker featuring a column of six coaxial drivers, and the RZ350 subwoofer featuring four vertically-aligned 5.25-inch woofers.

Except for the subwoofer, all models feature one or more super-shallow coaxial drivers with a tweeter mounted in the center of a midrange driver and feature a corrosion-resistant aluminum enclosure with an integrated aluminum mounting bracket and aluminum grille. The tweeters are seated in an Acoustic Fractal Waveguide bridge that is said to improve clarity and efficiency.

All models are offered in black or white and prices range from $750 to $3,995.

“Razor is all about setting new standards for innovation and installer-centric design that defy the elements in every respect,” said company co-founder and CEO Franco D’Ascanio. “Drawing on our years of outdoor experience, we have designed these low-profile architectural speakers to be rugged enough for outdoors and refined enough for use indoors.”

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If you have 4 grand for a speaker ti sit outside in the rain and snow, well, good for you, but maybe that cash could be spent better elsewhere. Just saying. I have never gotten a speaker to sound anywhere correct when outside, so all it is, is back ground noise. Fine, but no high end speakers needed. In college, didn't we all put speakers in our dorm windows? Remember how gerat that was? See, it is not the sound of the speaker (that will never sound well outside) it is the fun you are having outside along with your favorite tunes as a back drop, not the primary focus. Proper listening is to be done inside in a good room with treated acoustics. I am sure Walmart sells speakers to hang under the eaves of your house. Do that, and use the left over money for something worthy.