Up Close with Sony’s Mammoth 98" Master Series TV

Sony’s new addition to its Master Series LCD Ultra HDTV lineup includes 85- and 98-inch 8K models. The 98-inch Z9G (shown above) seems the appropriate size for watching future 8K content, something that the set’s HDMI 2.1 inputs will accommodate.

Until 8K becomes a thing, the Z9G’s 8K X-Reality PRO processing will work to fill the screen by upscaling 4K and regular HD images. The set also includes Sony’s Backlight Master Drive LED local dimming, X-Wide Angle for improved off-axis picture uniformity, and Acoustic Multi-Audio, a technology that turns the TV’s screen into a speaker.

No word yet on the cost for this big boy but expect it to be lots of money when Sony announces price and availability sometime this spring.