Up Close with LG’s 77-inch OLED

With Samsung bowing out of the OLED race for 2014, LG has been the one raking in all the OLED accolades here at CES. The company’s 77EC9800 not only has 4K resolution, but at 77-inches, it will be the largest OLED on the consumer market when it arrives in June.

Like LG’s earlier 55-inch OLED model, the 77EC9800 has a curved screen and uses WRGB OLED tech, which has four subpixels for each pixel—one white and three with red, green, or blue color filters. A High Dynamic Range algorithm is onboard to improve the already-awesome contrast ratio that OLED TVs deliver, and it has passive 3D.

The 77EC9800 will be joined by new 55- and 65-inch curved Ultra HD OLED models. LG also plans to introduce two new 55-inch regular HD OLEDs: the 55EA8800 “Gallery” model (so called because of its flat screen and picture frame design) and the 55EB9600, a curved-screen model.