CES 2024 Demos: Klipsch, Focal, xMEMS

First Look at Klipsch’s New Flexus Sound System and More
Derek Everson, senior director of training for Klipsch, offers a first look at the new Flexus Sound System. Born out of a first-time collaboration between Klipsch and Onkyo, the lineup comprises two Atmos-enabled soundbars — the Core 100 ($299) and larger Core 200 ($449), both featuring horn-loaded tweeters plus eARC and Bluetooth connectivity — the wireless Sub 100 ($299), and Surround 100 wireless surround speaker ($249/pair). The system supports two subwoofers and both the sub and surrounds ship with a pre-paired USB dongle for quick setup.

Everson also demonstrates the Broadcast feature for the new Music City Series of portable Bluetooth speakers, which retransmits music streamed to one speaker to up to another 19 speakers.

First Look at Focal’s New Aria Evo X Series
Focal provides a detailed overview of its new Aria Evo X series, featuring a number of technology upgrades over the current models in its popular Aria line: a refined inverted-dome tweeter, a simple "more is less" crossover design, and other sound enhancing tweaks.

New Product and Technology News from xMEMS
Mike Householder highlights the latest technology and product news from xMEMS Labs, the company that introduced a new kind of solid-state microspeaker last spring as a replacement for traditional mechanical speakers. The silicon-based driver technology made its debut in recent released wireless earbuds from Creative and Noble with full-size headphones and other xMEMS-based products to come in the future.