"Can I Stream It?" App Finds Movies Available for Streaming

From time to time my family will feel like watching a movie and will have a hankering for a particular title. Typically our cinematic whims are followed by an extensive treasure hunt to see if the movie is available to stream through Netflix, Amazon, Hulu Plus, Vudu, HBO Go, Crackle, and other services. Sometimes it can take so long to find our desired title that we give up, settling for another movie we find along the way.

Can I Stream It (CISI) to the rescue. This website and mobile app finds just about any movie available on subscription services, as well as where you can rent it, buy it, or get in on Blu-ray or DVD. TV show search was added at the end of 2012. CISI searches instant streaming services--Netflix, Amazon Instant Video (and Amazon Prime), YouTube, HuluPlus, Epix, HBO Go, Crackle, and Xfinity Streampix--as well as streaming video rental and purchase services--Blockbuster, iTunes, Google Play Store, Vudu, and YouTube--on cable by Xfinity (Comcast), and on DVD or Blu-ray from the Amazon Store, Netflix DVD rentals, and Redbox. There may be a few more services out there, but Can I Stream It has covered all of the most popular video streaming providers.

To find a movie you want to watch, simply type in the name of a movie into the search bar on the Can I Stream It website or on the smartphone or tablet apps, and it will show you where you can watch the movie. We tried an obscure 1962 sci-fi film called Journey to the Seventh Planet and it was quickly found on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Epix. TV shows are a bit more labor intensive, as you have to type in the TV show title, then choose "availability" then choose "availability" next to the episode you want to watch.

When a title is found, it displays an in-depth synopsis (for many, but not all films) along with links to more information in the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) and Rotten Tomatoes reviews. What's more, if you find it on a streaming service on a mobile device, you may be able to stream it directly to your TV, using Airplay for iPhones and iPads or Miracast for Android.

Unlike Google TV and Smart TV searches, Can I Stream It can be set to send you a notification when a movie does become available in the future. If a title is not currently available or you don't subscribe to any of the streaming services where a title is found, you can be notified when it is available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or other streaming service of your choice. The service and app are free, but you'll have to sign in if you want to receive future reminders.

Can I Stream It was launched in November 2011. In an email, Co-Founder, Nikhil Valsh of Urban Pixels explained how it came about, "The Urban Pixels team was talking about the frustration of having to search dozens of sites individually, just to find where to stream a movie to watch--in today's (sic) day and age we thought there had to be a better way and there was not; so CISI was born to solve the streamer's exasperation."

At last, using Can I Stream It, I can think of a movie or TV show that I want and stream it from online as easily as I could have pulled it from my DVD library, and certainly faster than I ever could rent it from the video store. This is what streaming is all about.

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I'll be interested to see if they search the more obscure sites for some of their movies. Lots of movies in the public domain, on Youtube, etc.