Black Friday: The Best (and Worst) Deals on HD Page 2


K-MART Overall grade: C- Of course, they can't keep up with the big boys because they have to worry about discounting night gowns and blenders. They do have one deal, though. Sony Blu-ray player for $179 It's $70 cheaper here than it is at Best Buy and they're open on Thanksgiving so you can hopefully run out and grab one before the killer crush that happens on Friday. RADIO SHACK Overall grade: D I thought this would be their chance to take a bite out of the big guys. Instead, they deliver the same stuff they always have. They get an A for tiny, remote-controlled trucks and helicopters, though. Samsung BD player $199 Meh. The line will probably be shorter here than at the big guys, but it's probably worth waiting in line for the Sony rather than going with the Samsung. SEARS Overall rating: B+ The Sears flyer was overall pretty impressive, but their HD offerings were more than respectable. If you're going to try and get a few things at once, this might be a good bet. Sharp 46-inch 1080p LCD $899 A big, full-HD panel from a good name for less than a thousand with tax is just what I like to see on Black Friday. It's a full $500 cheaper than it normally is in the store. This might be the TV buy of the day. Blu-ray Sony player $179 They're on par with the lowest price around on the Sony player. You can go cheaper at Wal-Mart, but it's not going to be a name you like. Sony Bravia 1000-watt 5-disc home theater $249 If you're a true home theater enthusiast, this certainly isn't going to be your main rig, but for a spare room or a back-up, the $150 discount is pretty substantial. 52-inch 1080p Samsung 120Hz LCD HDTV $2099 If you're looking for something on the higher-end, this isn't a bad call. That price includes $600 worth of instant savings off of the regular price. Plus, since the high-end stuff won't be flying off the shelves, you can probably wake up, eat a turkey sandwich and stroll over there to pick one up. Worst Deal: HDMI kit. 6 ft. HDMI cable, surge protector and a screen cleaner $34.99 This is the kind of crap you get home and can't believe you bought. Even in the midst of the craziness, remember that you have a surge protector and we buy our HDMI cables online. Then take a deep breath.