The Biggest Torus

From Bryston in the Great White North comes the Torus RM100 BAL, a power line conditioner designed to not only totally isolate your system from garbage and spikes on the AC power line, but to provide higher instantaneous peak current, acting as a very low impedance current source, to juice-hungry components such as large power amps. This monster, with its humongous toroidal transformer, is MUCH bigger than the picture suggests (27"x 20.5" x 10.5", 220 lbs). $8500.

Don't need anything quite this large or expensive? I can't imagine why a domestic installation would--the obvious applications for this unit are on the pro side). Torus makes much more practical units, including the 15 amp RM15 and 20 amp RM20--the latter said to produce up to 50 amps instantaneous peaks from a standard residential wall receptical. The smaller models are also available with a more consumer-friendly faceplate, without the rack-mount extensions with bolt holes shown here.