Beauty and the Beast 3D

Belle (voiced by Paige O'Hara) is a bright and beautiful young woman who finds escape from her ordinary life by reading books. When her father is taken prisoner by a cursed young prince (Robby Benson), Belle comes to the rescue and agrees to take her father's place. With the help of the castle's enchanted staff, she sees beneath the Beast's exterior and discovers the heart and soul of a human prince.

Beauty and the Beast was the first animated film to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture (plus five other nominations) and won two Oscars for Best Original Song and Best Original Score. The talent behind the voices includes Angela Lansbury as Mrs. Potts, Jerry Orbach as Lumiere, the candelabra, and David Ogden Stiers as Cogsworth, the mantel clock. The story is engaging and filled with adventure, but it's the score by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman that makes this film a classic.

When I initially read that the film would receive a 3D conversion, I wasn't sure what to expect. Well, any trepidation I had left me in seconds. Coupled with the exceptional DTS-HD MA 7.1 soundtrack the 3D presentation actually improves the movie and makes it more engaging.


  • Chapter 2, 0:07:43
  • 3D depth, surround envelopment, detail
  • As Belle walks down the street, listen to the voices from the crowd as the come from different speakers and gaze at the 3D depth with the various characters and buildings.


  • Chapter 8, 0:28:08
  • 3D effect
  • When the bar patrons swing LeFou, watch how his face jumps through the screen and into the room.

Beauty and the Beast

  • Chapter 15, 0:57:40
  • Color saturation, 3D depth
  • This is probably the most famous scene from the movie and it showcases the outstanding animation, rich color saturation, and amazing 3D depth. As Belle walks down the staircase, check out the royal blue curtains, crimson carpet, and notice how the staircase protrudes into the room. Very cool!

Release Date: October 4, 2011
Studio: Disney

Movie: 10/10
Picture: 10/10
3D Effect: 10/10
Sound: 10/10