Beats intros Nicki Minaj Pink Pill

Of all the Bluetooth speakers introduced today, the new Nicki Minaj-endorsed Pink Pill from Beats by Dre has to be the most significant. Faithful (really faithful) readers of this website may remember Ken Pohlmann and Leslie Shapiro's review of the Pill (as well as my measurements). Well, the Pink Pill has (apparently) the same guts and (definitely) the same $199 price. The difference? It's pink and Nicki Minaj endorses it.

Let's let Nicki take it from here: "I am so excited about this product. It's something I actually use. It's a little tiny speaker that I can travel with yet the sound is incredibly loud and rich. I knew the barbz would not only love it, but that they'd want it in pink! So, here ya go barbz!!!! My PINK PILL!"

I'll have to ask someone who's way hipper to pop culture than me-like my fellow Tech^2 blogger Geoff Morrison, or maybe Dr. Loof Lirpa-to explain Nicki's statement. But it's from the press release, so it probably means something good.

Beats also announced that it will introduce a pink version of the UrBeats in-ear headphone this summer, which I guess means it's OK for girls to buy it now.