BDI Cavo 8168 Home Theater Cabinet Sweepstakes

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According to the company:

With the advent of flat panel TVs, soundbars have become staples in home theater design. But finding a way to integrate that soundbar seamlessly into your overall system display has proven tricky. The CAVO flat panel TV console directly addresses this need and is the latest home theater innovation from BDI.

Designed by Matthew Weatherly, the clever frame-within-a-frame design provides a wide, open top platform that is the perfect home for a soundbar. Not only does it provide adequate space for these long, narrow speakers, the open platform evenly and completely disperses sound, providing the best audio experience available with a soundbar system.


The inner frame of CAVO houses electronic components on adjustable shelves, neatly concealed behind IR-friendly tempered-glass doors with soft-close hinges. Open side compartments provide additional space for easy access to a game console and/or media. Integrated wire management channels keep cables organized, and removable panels in the back allow for easy access to wires and connections, making setup and maintenance of your system a breeze. Flow-through ventilation slots in the base, shelves and back keep air moving and promote component life.

BDI is pleased to give one lucky reader the CAVO 8168 in the finish of his or her choice—natural walnut, graphite and espresso stained oak. This model is 27″ high and 58″ wide and safely accommodates up to a 60″ flat panel TV. The 8168’s slim design (only 16″ deep) makes it perfect for medium-sized home theater systems or anyplace space is limited.


CAVO, like all BDI products, is as hardworking as it is attractive, with adjustability and accessibility playing a key role in the design. All BDI products are unique, functional and beautiful pieces that enrich the home environment, seamlessly integrating technology into the living space with thoughtful, purposeful design. Visit to learn more about CAVO and all of BDI’s home theater, office and other premium furniture products.

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jletourn's picture

I love the lines on this cabinet. It is an instant classic.

SilverTongueDevil's picture

Been in the market for a new entertainment center. Winning this one would be great.

got2boostit2's picture

BDI makes quality products and I would be pleased to add an item to my home.

throbin's picture

This would look great under my new Samsung LED!'s picture

We have a jury-rigged HT cabinet setup now, with pieces that don't match. This is the kind of piece that would make our home beautiful and integrate it all!

Cre8tive's picture

A lovely piece of furniture, to be sure.

gramags's picture

At's ah nice cabinet!

Brian_PDX's picture

I too would love to win this rack. Could be a bit easier to register and find this article. I also enjoy the magazine every issue.

clemarble's picture

My new penny would look very nice on this piece. I would love to be the winner!!!!

supermax's picture

I like it.

HiRez1394's picture

What a generous (and nice-looking) gift prize!

PetouFamily's picture

That'd look great in our home.

Plugged-in's picture

Perfect timing! I just completed remodeling my man-cave and the BDI Cavo 8168 would precisely fit in. I'm also in the process of purchasing a speaker system and the unit integrates the center speaker cleanly and seamlessly. In fact, I was already looking at the BDI product listing when this sweepstakes came to my attention.

ididitfirst's picture

nice! 60 inches, great way to enjoy movies.

Vivianwill's picture

I have always been impressed with the BDI brand.
It's always represented under stated elegance.

danbello's picture

Very sleek!

zygat's picture

I already have one BDI media cabinet and can say it is terrific. Would love to have another!

atom's picture

Good design. Looks great too.

ROBERT GAGE's picture

WOW !!!!

cyea56's picture

This would look so cool in my man cave. Friends with a large sreen front projector will be envious because the bdi is so awesome looking.

silverfox9142's picture

This piece of A/V furniture would look great in our great room!

redles's picture

I don't have a sound bar, but my Definitive Technology center channel speaker would fit perfectly!

csarinyamas's picture

this looks like it would do well for my center as well. My current rack is a Salamander, but thsi BDI looks really nice as well!

dpep's picture

Very Nice!!

ed_chubin's picture

Looking forward to my new furniture

curly21029's picture

Would integrate well with my AV setup!

wcolon's picture

Wow! Beautiful furniture. I could really use such good looking furniture in my living room to bring it into the 21st Century.


wwong's picture

That's one handsome looking cabinet!

AlanDel's picture

This would look great in anyone's home but in my living room it would be very welcome.

dmeech's picture

The brown one would look really nice in my living room. My current cabinet only fits the slim AVRs (marantz)- this would be a perfect excuse to get a full size AVR to drive my speakers!

Philmenne's picture

This looks like it would fit nicely with my current setup. I like being able to place a sound bar in a spot made for it.

bklynbound01's picture

I would love this for my living room. I am getting married and this would help us make our apt more our home.

Brad's picture

I like furniture that works.

abbaszand's picture

Very stylish!

Vanessa S's picture

I just purchased a new home and this is just what I need!!

jacksedaka's picture

This would be a great addition to my home theater!

MikeBiker2's picture

It would work well in my basement.

niknok's picture

a great addition to my entertainment room

sdadolf's picture

Interesting how the cabinet designs have had to evolve to handle the new very large flat panel TVs.

donald's picture

Would look better than the old trunk I'm using.

lisiamm's picture

I <3 BDI!

shkeller55's picture

Looks cool!

BASSGUY's picture

This would look awesome in The Man Cave!

Zombiecrue's picture

This is just the rack to finish my HT design.

shafbm01's picture

I've been needing to upgrade my entertainment center, and this would fit the bill very nicely!
Room for amps, preamp, and a slim center channel or soundbar- what more would a guy want?

Off2europe's picture

This piece of furniture has awesome lines, style, and depth. Currently using a cabinet made from old tv. Yep, the old furniture tv was gutted, doors added and now my cabinet.

unclemarvs's picture

Another great design from the Designers at BDI.

alwool's picture

thank you.
this will be a nice addition to my home theatre.

jmarkaustin's picture

Looks very well designed and would be perfect for my situation!

HT.newbie's picture

I am in the market for something like that.

cdunphy's picture

I'M in I just happen to be lookin for something just like this.

jvanoort's picture

Pick me, my wife would be very happy.

BVLDARI's picture

BDI makes some of the best looking AV furniture on the market!

cantredr's picture

A real thing of beauty!

mewclr's picture

Building a new home and this looks like the perfect addition!

jjbechto's picture

Winning really nice new furniture would definitely help convince my wife that my audio hobby isn't all bad...

jmillard's picture

Man, if you pick mine, the price is right.

Butch Patchell's picture

I'm waiting for a new display to arrive any day now. I'm thinking it would look really nice sitting atop this terrific BDI cabinette!

gwolf280's picture

Nice looking cabinet. I've owned another BDI piece for years and love it!

wts11233's picture


ivs0809's picture

Will do everything to WIN this !:)

ivs080903's picture


noirx7's picture

Classy cabinet!

artiscoool's picture

This would be amazing in my room with my brand new Samsung 60" F7100. Please.

glazeball's picture

BDI makes gorgeous stands that are so elegantly designed to work with home theater equipment and style

lukmun1's picture

Would like to win one.

Rigel2100's picture

It would be a pleasure to have one of these in my home. Crossing fingers.

wimartin's picture

Looks great to me.

kronik's picture

Love BDI, local company. Would be a great addition to the home.

Dan_K's picture

I currently have my TV and gear on a cheap, temporary cabinet. I'm a big fan of BDI. They're cabinets are great looking and functional. This would be a HUGE step up. I'd be thrilled to win it.

CLSJR's picture

My wife would be pretty impressed if I won this

cheekysod7's picture


tgraves1127's picture

I have owned my entertainment center for 10+ years and it does not accommodate my electronics anymore. I am a Communication major-52 yrs. old, and getting my degree in May 2014! This would be an awesome graduation present; it's beautiful and save's space-I love it!