Battlestar Galactica—The Complete Series

The Cylons were created by man to make life easier in the Twelve Colonies, but things didn't work out so well for the humans. The "toasters" turned on their masters by orchestrating a sneak attack to eradicate the human race. Although the show is mostly a dialog-driven drama, there are a lot of intense action scenes that offer many demo-worthy audio moments throughout its four seasons.

Run for your life.

  • Season 1, Disc 2, "33," Chapter 2, 0:17:50
  • Dynamics, surround imaging, frequency range
  • As Helo runs from the toasters, listen to the rain drops envelop the room as they fall through the forest canopy. Also, listen for the stomp of the Cylon's footsteps, the labored breathing of a man running for his life, and the surprise explosion as the Cylons run right into Helo's trap.

Cylons attack

  • "Razor," Chapter 4, 0:15:14
  • Surround imaging, dynamics
  • The Cylons unleash a furious attack on the shipyard, and the action shifts to the interior of the Pegasus with crackling fires, hurried footsteps, and the snaps and hisses of shorting-out electronics that place you on board the damaged ship.

Suicide mission.

  • Season 4.5, Disc 3, "Daybreak, Parts 2 & 3," Chapter 2, 0:22:01
  • Frequency response, surround imaging
  • When the Galactica jumps into the heart of the Cylon stronghold, prepare for the bombardment of discrete effects as all hell breaks loose between man and machine.

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