Aumeo Audio: Personalized Audio Perfected

While everyone likes to think they have perfect hearing, the reality is that most folks don’t. Aumeo Audio has created a device that easily compensates for everyone’s individual hearing - even compensating for hearing differences between left and right ears.

The Aumeo box is a small device that interfaces between playback devices and headphones. It has Bluetooth 3.0 with aptX for a wireless connection from your playback device, although you will still need to connect to your headphones by a cabled connection. It also has wired input so you can connect from your home audio system as well.

The system uses an app to quickly analyze your hearing with a simple to use hearing test, performed individually on each ear across eight frequencies. Once your custom frequency profile is created, it can be applied to all your headphones. You can also store multiple results so you can tailor the response to a variety of different headphone.

In addition to creating a smooth response that compensates for your specific hearing curves, the using the Aumeo system helps protect your hearing. Instead of turning up the overall volume so you can hear, for example, movie dialogue, you can just boost the exact frequencies that you have trouble hearing.

Currently accepting preorders on Indie-Go-Go for $149, the Aumeo system will hit the retail market at the end of January for $199. Limited edition models are available signed by Sir Richard Branson and Steve Wozniak. That’s some impressive endorsements.