Attention Videophiles: Interested in a High-Luminance Colorimeter for 300 Bucks?

Portrait Displays, maker of the popular Calman video calibration software used by video professionals and TV reviewers, has introduced a high-luminance colorimeter for enthusiasts that costs only $299.

Hailed as the only device of its kind, the C7 HDR colorimeter can measure up to 10,000 nits and “offers a remarkably low minimum luminance range down to 0.002 cd/m²,” according to the company, which says most entry-level and mid-priced meters struggle to strike a balance between high-luminance and low-light reading capacity.

“This extreme sensitivity to dark and light variations showcases unparalleled precision, satisfying discerning demands at a price point that is groundbreaking for the industry.”

The C7 HDR is slated to ship next week and will be available a la carte or as part of a bundle.

Key features include:

• Compatibility with all types of displays, including QD OLED, WRGB OLED, RGB OLED, Mini-LED, and Micro-LED.

• Virtually unlimited custom Spectral Matrix Corrections (SMCs) for “unparalleled accuracy compared to other brands, which typically offer only general or basic calibration profiles.”

• Exposure range of 256ms to 16 seconds.

• Hundreds of available memory slots to accommodate current and future displays.

• Generous onboard memory to accommodate software upgrades so you don’t have to worry about replacing hardware.

• A detachable cable that facilitates interchangeable connections between USB-C to USB-A or USB-C to USB-C.

“The C7 HDR embodies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of color calibration technology, ensuring that creators and consumers have confidence in content creation and consumption, a truly lens-to-living room experience,” said Portrait Displays CEO Eric Brumm.

For those seeking an all-in-one calibration solution, the company offers a series of bundles tailored to for video professionals and TV enthusiasts, the latter of which Portrait calls the first turnkey calibration solution for consumers. Discounts are available for C7 HDR bundles that include Calman Home for LG or Calman Home for Panasonic.

For more information and to order the C7 HDR Colorimeter, visit Click here for bundle pricing.

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Hey Guys,

I know we're video enthusiasts, but many of us don't have the technical knowledge necessary to understand this post. Someone needed to make this information more accessible—to translate it to English. Right now, it's just tech jargon direct from the press release.

Thank you!

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SAV staff writers,

I echo the other post: please add a paragraph of original content to press releases. If the release is highly technical, explain it in terms a casual enthusiast can understand. If the press blurb makes grandiose boasts and claims, pierce the bubble of marketing b.s. with an informed and honest appraisal. You don't work for the manufacturers (hopefully); you work for your readership.


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I agree with the above readers. This sounds like a potentially useful product, but can the average enthusiast take advantage of it? Personally, I'm still struggling with the new 4K version of S&M. Is it worthwhile if there's no home bundle for your brand of TV? Are there plans to release bundles for other manufactures?
Maybe it's too early right now, but a future review of this product would be most welcome, especially for those of us who can't find anyone interested in calibrating our televisions.