Another Sub In The Wall

In-wall subs are a fast growing category, and BG has its own wrinkle on the concept. The company's new BX-4850 in-wall subwoofer consists of four modules, each of which contains 12 micro-woofers. One of these modules is shown in the photo. The four modules may be positioned together in the room or separately, and an on-wall version may also be made available. The 12 micro-woofers are each separately enclosed and face each other in pairs. The bass generated by them fires out from the center of the array, through the opening between the left and right sets of drivers, and into the room. Mechanical vibrations are largely cancelled out due to the opposing drivers, minimizing the transmission of bass into the walls, which can muddy the bass and transmit low frequencies to the structure of the room and into other parts of the house.

The four 12-driver modules are driven by a separate outboard processor and amps, with 600W driving each module. The system requires that the processor provide considerable low frequency boost, since the unequalized response of each enclosed driver rolls off rapidly in the bass. As a system, however, the BX-4850 can produce prodigious amounts of powerful bass down to a claimed 20Hz, if the brief demo I heard is any indication.

The full 4-module package, including amps and processor, is expected to sell for $5000 (in-wall version) and should be available in the spring. It carries a THX Ultra2 rating, and was designed under the direction of Laurie Fincham, the Chief Scientist of THX. The buyer may purchase just two of the 12-driver modules, with amp and processor, for $2995. This smaller version will be rated THX Select.