Acoustic Art

The next time you sit down to watch a movie, take a minute and look around the room before you turn down the lights and hit the play button. Is the space everything it could be? Could it use a little drama? 3-D Squared, a Florida-based home theater design company, specializes in creating decorative acoustic panels and themes for home theaters. You can choose from more than 50 original designs, or the company will work with you to create appropriately sized panels featuring reproductions of existing art or your own art.

Art possibilities include movie posters, classic art, photographs—you name it. Or you can create a theme featuring artwork you provide or choose from a catalog of images and designs that includes contemporary and art deco designs, traditional patterns (including upholstered fabrics), landscape images, movie posters and album art, and a collection of spectacular space-themed images. Panels offering absorptive and diffusive properties are available in varying depths with 1- or 2-inch thicknesses being typical; reflective panels are also available.

Best of all, 3-D Squared offers a complimentary design and layout service, which includes a photorealistic rendering of what the space will look like with the panels in place. “We analyze each project and build the panels based on the unique configuration of each room,” says company president Glen Hoffman, who has experience with more than 900 home theater spaces. The panels are created using state-of-the-art digital printing on a durable white fabric to ensure “brilliant color saturation and superior clarity.”

Panels can be made with beveled or radiused edges or with frames that can be matched to any stain. If you’re a DIYer, 3-D will sell you the printed fabric so you can wrap it around homemade or existing panels.

Finished panels are available in custom or standard (2 x 4-, 3 x 6-, and 4 x 8-foot) sizes at prices ranging from $28 to $36 per square foot.

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