3D Glasses: Can They Have Universal Appeal? Page 4


In the Clear
Unlike the 3D glasses we've seen from some TV manufacturers, which use color-tinted lenses, both the XpanD and Monster glasses have a neutral tint. Although some have wondered if colors will be off when the TV shifts into 3D mode, since the TV's settings likely compensate for the tint, Dror says any color inaccuracies will likely be negligible. "There are far bigger issues for 3D TV, such as providing a higher-quality, idiot-proof experience for the average consumer, who is unlikely to notice a 1% inaccuracy in color." The relative insignificance of color shifts caused by universal active-shutter 3D glasses is a point echoed by Monster's Lee. "Compared with the ability of a good pair of shutter glasses to go completely opaque or clear, small color differences is a fairly small issue. There was so much for 3D TV manufacturers to worry about at launch, I don't think color correcting for glasses was even on their plate."