3D Content: What's Out There? Page 2


The larger cable/satellite providers are offering channels in 3D. Like the initial offerings in HD, these channels are often loops, or otherwise limited offerings. Your current cable/satellite box may or may not be able to support 3D. At the very least, if it's not HD it can't do 3D.

So while many providers aren't specifically charging for 3D (yet), you will need to be paying for HD and HD box at a minimum.

In the process of signing up for the 3D service from your provider, they'll be able to determine if your box needs to be upgraded. In some cases, this may be as simple as a firmware upgrade that can be done with no addition effort on your part.

DirecTV's 3D package is currently free, though you need to subscribe to the HD package, which is $10 a month. ESPN 3D is the only "name" channel so far, though the n3D channel claims to offer other varied 3D content like movies, music, documentaries, and sports. Renting a 3D movie on the DIRECTV Cinema service is an extra $1 on top of the regular rental price. You can check out the DirecTV 3D page here.

Dish Network has 3D movies available in its Video on Demand service for $5.99-7.99 each, but so far there's no word about 3D channels.

Comcast currently has no charge for 3D channels. It has ESPN 3D, and plans on airing special events in 3D. Not all Comcast markets have access to 3D, and as of this writing Comcast is not offering 3D movies as part of their Video On Demand service. For Comcast's FAQ on 3D, click here.

Time Warner Cable also has ESPN 3D, and offers 3D movies through their Movies on Demand service and will air special events in 3D as well. Current cost is $10 a month. For TWC's 3D page, click here.

AT&T U-verse has ESPN 3D, special events, and certain IMAX 3D documentaries. U-verse's 3D Technology Package tier is $10 a month.

Verizon FIOS has said they will launch 3D channels, but as of yet nothing has been finalized.

These are the biggest cable providers, if yours isn't here you'll have to check their websites or contact them directly.

In the coming months expect to see a 24/7 3D channel by Discovery featuring their own content plus 3D content from Sony and IMAX on many of the providers above. It's safe to assume there will be even more as the number of 3D TVs grows.