3-D TV

In a nearly deserted conference room, TDVision Systems (TDV) presented its sophisticated 3-dimensional imaging system. The company made it clear it is selling technology, not products. Already in use in some major teaching hospitals and by the Defense Department, the TDV 3D system is said to be fully compatible with standard 2D images. It uses a proprietary stereovision algorithm for 3-D emulation. The only special equipment needed is the TDVisor, which looks like heavy-duty eyewear. The company insists there is no flickering or viewer fatigue in either 2- or 3-D mode. TDV says the viewer sees a 3-D image with size and resolution equivalent to what he would see on a 72-inch plasma display at a distance of 10-feet. TDV hopes to license the technology this year for consumer use, primarily for video games.

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