2007 Line Shows

Denon 2007 Line Show A completely revamped receiver lineup, featuring HDMI 1.3a switching throughout, highlights Denon's 2007 offerings.

Mitsubishi 2007 Spring Product Showcase Mitsubishi's all-1080p HDTV line for 2007 includes DLP rear-projection models with screen sizes up to 73 inches and LCD panels up to 52 inches. View the product gallery here

Samsung 2007 Spring Product Showcase Samsung recently showed off its 2007 product lineup, with a heavy emphasis on HDTV. Of special interest are the new, slimmer 1080p DLP rear-projection sets with LED light engines, some surprisingly sleek direct-view CRT models, and a new Blu-ray Disc player. View the product gallery here

Pioneer 2007 Spring Product Showcase Ever since the Consumer Electronics Show in January, there's been a buzz about Pioneer's next-gen plasmas. Well, they're finally coming out to play, and they do look impressive. Check them out, along with some new HDMI 1.3 receivers and a new Blu-ray Disc player. View the product gallery here

Onkyo 2007 Spring Product Showcase In late April, Onkyo showed off what the company described as its strongest line in years. Included among the new products are a bunch of new HDMI 1.3-enabled receivers. See and read about those and much more. View the product gallery here

Westinghouse 2007 Spring Product Showcase Westinghouse Digital (not the folks who make light bulbs) has in just a few years become one of the largest manufacturers of high-performance LCD TVs, in no small part because of their very competitive prices. In late April, the company came to New York to show off its latest HDTVs to the press. Here's what we saw. View the product gallery here

Panasonic 2007 Spring Product Showcase Stepping lively into spring, Panasonic executives crossed the Hudson River with the company's most interesting new products in tow. Their midtown-Manhattan show-and-tell included a whole lot of high-contrast 1080p plasma, from a mammoth 103-incher all the way down to 42 inches, and more. We were on hand, and here's what we saw. View the product gallery here

Sony 2007 Spring Line Show Sony held its 2007 spring line show the last week of February in Las Vegas. S&V Executive Editor Rob Sabin was on hand to scope out the new toys. Click below to see and read about the highlights. View the product gallery here

Also, be sure to check out our CES Roundup for the lowdown on other great new products coming out this year and our 2006 Editors' Choice Awards for the best of the gear that came out last year.

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