The 2007 1080p RPTV Face Off What Do You Think?

What Do You Think?

While the Samsung was at the top of my list, I'd love to have the JVC, Sony, or Toshiba in my theater, too. The Samsung won out for me because the colors looked the most accurate, and, thankfully, you can turn off the DNIe. But its light output can be headache inducing. Add an adjustable iris or lamp settings, and I'd pick one up, no question. As for the other two, the Mitsubishi seemed to use an edge enhancement that I found difficult to watch, and the Olevia was exceptionally soft, which the other sets made very apparent.—John Higgins


It seems I'm the odd one out this year, as I was the only judge who didn't give the Samsung TV my first-place vote. I loved the Samsung's natural colors and generally clean image, but its insane light output would give me a headache when trying to watch movies and sporting events at night. The JVC was the better all-around choice, offering pleasing color, good processing, and a clean image, no matter the source. It can accommodate multiple viewing environments, and its HD detail was a cut above the others. It looked like a 1080p TV.—Adrienne Maxwell

Being a product of my environment, I'm naturally drawn to bright, shiny objects, hence my preference for the Samsung. Although it was the brightest, it also provided the clearest picture, allowing me to count individual hairs in beards and such. It had the nicest contrast ratio and the lowest video noise. With an image as crisp as fried chicken, as well as being the most aesthetically pleasing (I believe it smelled of cinnamon, to boot), the Samsung was my first choice.—Michael Prince

When I compared these TVs, I found myself focusing on the quality of the colors. Perhaps that's where the greatest differences between them lie. The Samsung's colors seemed like they'd probably be the best to watch long term. This set was an easy first pick. For second and third place, I was torn between the Sony and the Toshiba. Although I sometimes noticed a sickly green tint on the Sony (as I did with the JVC) before calibration, it seemed that the Sony might have slightly better detail.—Nikhil Burman

This Face Off was personal for me, as there is a good chance my family and I may move locally in the near future, and I will finally be able to up my screen size from the present 46-inch. I've long thought a 60-inch screen size would be the next size we could accommodate.

Before I start to write one word of video-display Face Offs, I always take a slow stroll to see my initial impression and first reaction. This year, the Samsung won me over straight out of the box. Even before calibration, and just watching an image from The Fifth Element in 480i, I was hooked. The black levels looked great, and the colors were natural and pleasing. The light output didn't bother me as much as my colleagues; in fact, I am very sensitive to strong light. The JVC came in a close second, and then it was really a toss-up. After this Face Off, more than ever, I'm looking forward to the day I can enjoy a 60-inch set in my own home.—Maureen Jenson


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