AI Falls Down on the Job During LG’s CES Live Stream

It didn’t take more than a minute into LG’s live-streamed CES presentation before the term “AI” hit the screen. Unfortunately, artificial intelligence was also used to generate the captions that viewers saw at home.

The speech-to-text algorithm repeatedly stumbled on the name of the company, hilariously turning “LG” into “algae” in most of the captions. Toward the end of the presentation, Mr. AI did finally settle on two letters for the company — unfortunately, they were “LJ.”

If human input had been responsible for such botched branding during a high-value presentation, heads might have rolled. But how do you fire an AI assistant?

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Sarcastic article about the incident that occurred during LG's livestream at CES, when the AI technology used to automatically caption videos repeatedly made errors and called the company name "LG" into "algae". . This shows that ChatGPT and similar AI technologies still have many limitations and cannot completely replace humans in all situations.

However, in my opinion this is not entirely AI's fault. LG may not have prepared carefully and could not have foreseen the errors that could occur when using new technology. This reminds us that a balanced approach is needed, combining the advantages of AI like ChatGPT with human supervision to avoid unfortunate incidents.

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