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Though it might seem early, now is the perfect time to jump start your holiday shopping to avoid getting caught empty-handed as the Christmas holiday season draws near. It’s impossible to know how, or if, ongoing shipping delays and component shortages will affect the A/V purchases you’re mulling, so why take the chance, especially with must-have items? Here’s a compendium of Sound & Vision Top Picks with a focus on reasonably priced gear we reviewed in 2021.
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Gear Aplenty could well be the theme of autumn 2021, which has produced a scary good lineup of Top Pick-worthy products as we approach the witching hour. From one of the best TVs you can buy to soundbar options for three budgets to a brilliant reimagining of a ’60s classic, we’ve got you covered.
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Monoprice is now shipping the 16-inch THX Ultra-certified subwoofer it announced in August.
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We’re seeing a welcome uptick in new A/V products as the holiday season approaches. Most notable is the arrival of four A/V receivers, a category that has been relatively quiet for much of 2021, and a new $2,500 ultra-short-throw projector. Click on to the next page for a peek at some of the latest gear.
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Bowers & Wilkins has refreshed Zeppelin, the sleek, retro-modern “iPod dock” it introduced way back in 2007 and updated a few times over the years.
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A conversation with Tony Ostrom, president of the Wireless Speaker & Audio Association.

We’ve tracked the progress of the Wireless Speaker & Audio Association (WiSA) since its humble beginnings many years ago. A lot has changed since those early days when the Association showed up in a CES hotel room to demonstrate a home theater system devoid of speaker cables. It was a remarkable demo, not just because it worked, but because the enabling technology made it possible to send uncompressed 24-bit/96-kHz audio signals through the air from an AV receiver to seven speakers and a subwoofer. Today, wireless music is everywhere and better than ever but in those days transmitting hi-res audio wirelessly was a daunting task. It’s been a few years since we checked in with the Association so we caught up with WiSA president Tony Ostrom to get an update on the technology and the products it enables.

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Trinnov Audio, the French designer and manufacturer of high-end A/V processors, has announced upgrades for its award-winning Altitude16 surround processor and plans to ship a new 16-channel power amplifier to go with it.
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Ready for a high-end, THX certified speaker you can mount in the wall or a portable video projector with built-in streaming capability? Or how about a turntable shelf designed to mount on the wall? These are a few of the more interesting new products we’ve learned about in recent weeks.
Bob Ankosko  |  Oct 05, 2021  |  3 comments
NAD has announced plans to ship a new, moderately priced streaming amplifier by the end of the month.
Bob Ankosko  |  Sep 30, 2021  |  2 comments
The death of channel surfing is greatly exaggerated and commercials aren't really that bad after all. These are just two of the many findings of TiVo's latest Video Trends Report. Find out how your TV viewing habits stack up.