Juke Audio Ups its Multiroom Streaming Game

Los Angeles-based Juke Audio Inc. has introduced a follow-up to the Juke multiroom streaming amplifier we reviewed last year that more than doubles the power output.

The new Juke+ costs $2,499 and delivers 50 watts RMS to each of its 12 channels for powering up to six audio zones, while allowing multiple users to stream wirelessly to any combination of rooms/zones; the six-zone Juke-6 ($1,499) and eight-zone Juke-8 ($1,699) put out 20 watts RMS per channel.

Besides increased power, the Juke+ brings several new features into the fold, including an equalizer that can be applied in any room/zone, analog RCA and optical digital audio inputs and outputs (one each) to accommodate a broader range of source components, and new streaming options: Bluetooth and DLNA capability expand streaming beyond the Airplay 2 and Spotify Connect options available in the other Juke models. Two USB ports are also provided.

Control for all Juke Audio systems is via an “easy-to-use” app (Apple or Android), which enables audio playback to any combination of zones, each of which has its own volume slider. Each connected speaker zone can be displayed independently within the AirPlay 2 and Spotify ecosystems, allowing users to play music directly from apps they already use, instead of having to learn a new app or use a shared login.

The system supports up to four speakers per zone as long as the speakers have an impedance rating of 4 ohms or higher. For installations requiring more than six zones, multiple Juke Audio streaming amps can be used in combination with all of the zones appearing in the same app.

Despite having an all-channels-driven output potential of 300 watts RMS, the Juke+ is a low-profile component weighing only 6 pounds and measuring just over 17 inches wide, 8.4 inches deep, and 1.75 inches tall; it fits in a 1U rack slot with rack ears (included).

“We listened to feedback from customers and audio visual installation groups over the past few years and synthesized the best ideas into Juke+,” explained Juke Audio president Colton Forth. “We wanted to apply those capabilities to a new product that would impress the audiophile clientele who like their music really loud and exceptionally clear.”

For more information, visit jukeaudio.com.