Popular ’80s Brand Adcom Is Being Relaunched in U.S.

Adcom, the audio brand known for producing affordable, high-performance power amplifiers the 1980s and 1990s, is back.

New Jersey-based J&B Distribution announced on Friday that it is spearheading the relaunch of the once-coveted brand in the U.S., starting with a slate of “updated and modernized versions” of products from its heyday, including one of its most successful designs from the 1980s, the GFA-555 stereo power amplifier.

Two updates of the classic GFA-555 are offered: the 2 x 125-watt GFA-555ms ($1,399) and 2 x 200-watt GFA-555se ($1,699, bottom in photo), an updated version of the original design, described as the pinnacle of Adcom’s audio engineering: “This Nelson Pass design broke ground when it came out in the 80’s, getting rave reviews and providing tank-like reliability at a decent price. That these amplifiers are much in demand after so much time is strong testament to their value and durability.”

The reimagined lineup includes three additional legacy power amps: the 2 x 450-watt GFA-585se ($3,799), 2 x 250-watt GFA-565se ($1,899), and 2 x 70-watt GFA-6002 ($449). Power ratings cited are all 8 ohms. The new power amps are all bridgeable into a single mono channel, and the three top models (GFA-585se, GFA-565se, and GFA-555se) feature balanced inputs along with standard RCA inputs.

The lineup also includes the GFP-915 stereo preamplifier ($999), featuring Bluetooth connectivity, optical and USB digital inputs, and seven analog inputs, including moving magnet (MM) and moving coil (MC) phono inputs.

“Our legacy products are better than ever and represent a great mid-fi value to anyone looking to make great sound in their AV system without breaking the bank,” said Boris Meltsner, co-founder of J&B Distribution. More products are slated for release in 2024, he noted, including “new-school, Class-D switching amps that will have the performance that we expect from the best tube and Class-A amps, but without any of the hassles. Our new amps will use less power, create less heat and will provide huge volumes of power.”

The original Adcom brand was founded in New Jersey in 1979 and has changed hands over the years. Today, Thailand’s Everest World Company Ltd. owns the Adcom brand name and associated intellectual property, including circuit designs.

Adcom products are available through theaudiolegacy.com, where you will find descriptions of the components mentioned here.

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