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I go back a bit with Anthem. Years ago, with another publication, the Anthem AVM 20 and PVA 7 pre/pro and power amp combo were offered to me for review. I hadn't sought them out, but I knew the parent company Sonic Frontiers, and was very familiar with its other house brand, Paradigm loudspeakers, which I'd always liked and recommended to friends as Bose killers. What the hell, I thought.

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Universal is boldly going where no studio has gone with its HD DVD web interactivity. In addition to allowing users to access and download content and share favorite scenes with other HD DVD users on their "Best Buddies" lists, the U-Shop feature will expose users to movie-related online purchases.

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Reports circulated around the web today that Samsung has canceled the release of its upcoming high-end Blu-ray Disc player, the BDP-2400, and that its BD-UP5000 Blu-ray/HD DVD combi player will be delayed until December. And this is not all bad. Let me explain.

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Many long-rumored HD releases have been officially announced into fact in recent weeks, and since other news has been slower this week I thought we'd play some catch up.

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This is what nerds do: after watching another awesome episode of season one of <I>Heroes</I> on HD DVD I cued a firmware update and indeed my Toshiba HD-XA2 found one and started downloading it. I waited up until the update was complete, and then checked the player's setup menu and sure enough, "up to 1080p/24" is now a selectable output resolution.

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Is it a really big computer monitor, or a smallish HDTV? Gateway blurred these lines in demonstrating its XHD3000 30" Extreme HD display at CEDIA 2007. Although it only comes in at $1,699, this enormous display features Silicon Optix' top end REALTA processing solution, and features a powerful blend of elegant interface and pure HD power.

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I know that technology moves fast these days, but we can hardly get a review of a Blu-ray Disc player out the door before a new model that supersedes it is released. And indeed, I received this Pioneer Elite BDP-94HD in August, just ahead of the rumors that a new player from Pioneer would be making its debut at CEDIA 2007 in early September.

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First the<A HREF="http://www.ultimateavmag.com/news/82007paramount/"> Paramount defection</A>, and now some potentially big hardware news from the HD DVD camp. We've been hearing for months that the Chinese are coming with cheap HD DVD players in the fourth quarter of this year, and the first announcement appears to have been made. Headquartered in Canada, Venturer Electronics is releasing the Chinese-manufactured SHD7000 HD DVD player in time for this year's holiday shopping season. No offical release date or price was given, but Video Business is reporting it will be the least expensive standalone HD DVD player on the market at $199.

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On the heels of Paramount's stunning announcement that it will be supporting HD DVD exclusively, Fox and MGM have jumped back into the fray with a massive slate of 29 "new release and must-have" Blu-ray Disc titles that will be in stores by the end of the calendar year. Included will be six Blu-ray titles released day and date with DVD, led by <I>Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer</I>, <I>Live Free or Die Hard</I> and Fox's hit TV show, <I>Prison Break</I>.

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In one of the most bold, stunning and unforeseen moves that's occured over the entire course of the format war, it was announced early this morning that Paramount and DreamWorks Animation will support HD DVD exclusively moving forward on a worldwide basis. Next week's HD DVD release of <I>Blades of Glory</I> will be the first Paramount HD DVD exclusive, followed by this summer's hits <I>Transformers</I> and <I>Shrek the Third</I>.