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According to a report by Video Business, Warner is sending out some mixed messages regarding the launch of its Total HD Blu-ray/HD DVD combo discs. The launch was originally set for later this year, but at the Entertainment Supply Chain Academy conference in LA this week one Warner exec was quoted as saying there was no official launch date and that a Q4 2007 launch for Total HD is "unlikely," while another exec cited a first-quarter 2008 launch for the combo format.

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Now here's the kind of of re-release I think we can all get behind. It's no secret at all that longtime DVD demo favorite, Luc Besson's <I>Fifth Element</I>, was released early on Blu-ray in a transfer that was shockingly poor. Sony is essentially admitting it was wrong (excuse me, I think I just saw a pig fly by my window), and is re-releasing <I>Fifth Element</I> on Blu-ray on July 17th and is offering an replacement program for people who bought the original Blu-ray Disc.

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In what could be a major blow to HD DVD in the format war, DVD rental giant Blockbuster announced that it will expand rental of Blu-ray Discs exclusively into 1,450 stores by mid-July. Blockbuster will continue to rent HD DVD discs online and in the 250 stores in which it has been renting both Blu-ray and HD DVD discs since late last year. For a running total, that's 1,700 exclusive Blu-ray stores and 250 stores stocking both formats.

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What a difference a single dollar makes in the online DVD rental business. Blockbuster decided to take aggressive action to gain traction in the online DVD rental business, which "projections" show as increasing 43% during the 2007 according to Blockbuster's Shane Evangelist (how's that for a cool name?!). So, it is now offering a subscription plan called Blockbuster by Mail that's a whole $1 cheaper than its existing Blockbuster Total Access plans. The Blockbuster by Mail plan will be online only as opposed to the Total Access plans which is comprised of both online and in-store rentals.

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Talk about news stories of ironic proportions. On Monday the HD DVD Promotional Group trumpeted record sales of standalone HD DVD players three weeks into an agressive marketing campaign that featured major advertising support and $100 in-store rebates on players. According to the press release, 150,000 standalone HD DVD players have been purchased by consumers, representing 60% of the dedicated player market.

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Watching three-chip 1080p front projection become something of a commodity is just weird. The inexorable march of progress has made this inevitable, of course. While I've been at the home theater game long enough to go into cautionary tale about how many tens of thousands of dollars even decent front projection used to cost back in the day, I'm only going back three years to put this thing in perspective.

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You pretty much can't read a review of a display or disc player here or anywhere without seeing references to the video processing test clips and patterns from Silicon Optix' <I>HQV Benchmark</I>. Now, the high-definiton <I>HD HQV Benchmark</I> is available to consumers on both Blu-ray and HD DVD for $20 each.

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Sony's BDP-S300 second-gen Blu-ray Disc player started shipping to retailers this week at a list price of $499, a full $100 cheaper than its previously announced price. With the $499 20GB PlayStation3 no longer in production, the BDP-S300 is now the cheapest Blu-ray Disc player available.

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Sony announced nine new BRAVIA LCD flat panel HDTVs today. The new models are in screen sizes of 40", 46", and 52" in both the W and XBR series. All are full 1080p, with 10-bit panels with 10-bit processing, and, in some models, Motionflow 120Hz high frame rate technology and x.v.Color.

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Sony today unveiled its 2007 line of SXRD microdisplay rear projection televisions. There are five new models, 1080p each and every one, and the big new features are slimmer front to back profiles and Motionflow 120Hz high frame rate technology.