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A couple of years ago this just wouldn't have seemed possible. But here it is: Epson has introduced the PowerLite Home Cinema 1080p, which as the name suggests is a 1080p front projector. And the price is $2,999. You read that right. $2,999.

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HD DVD might be taking another leap ahead on the interactivity front. The most recent firmware update for Toshiba's first-gen HD DVD players adds "support for certain anticipated network delivered content in future HD DVD discs." Those of you who can get your HD-A1 or HD -XA1 player to an Ethernet connection can download the update from the 'Net, or you can contact Toshiba to get the update on a disc.

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Sony issued a press release last week announcing that the latest James Bond film, <I>Casino Royale</I>, has hit another milestone, surpassing 100,000 units shipped to retailers. This follows that same title's debut in the top ten in DVD sales at Amazon, and both feats are firsts for either HD format. In addition, according to Sony this early success also puts BD ahead of where DVD was at its inception.

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Microsoft is going up-market with its Xbox 360 gaming console, unveiling the Xbox 360 Elite. At $479 the Elite is clad in black, which undoubtedly looks trick, adds an HDMI interface, and sticks a thumb in Sony's eye with a 120GB removable hard drive. The $299 Xbox 360 basic (like the $499 Sony PS3) features a 20GB hard drive. There is no integrated HD DVD drive, which means that having an Xbox 360 Elite and HD DVD playback is now $679, just about 80 bucks more than the $599 Sony PS3, which is a full-on Blu-ray Disc player. And even more curiously, Microsoft isn't including integrated Wi-Fi, which is a huge plus for the $599 (60GB hard drive) version of the PS3.

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Reviewing Sharp's '62 and '92 series AQUOS sets has been an amazing experience- and I'm not even talking about image quality yet. As soon as web entries came up here and at our sister site for <I>Home Theater</I> magazine, declaring these reviews on the way, the emails started. The response to this news was a startling statement on the power of the flat panel. I've never received so much email about any pair of reviews, let alone two that weren't even written yet!

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Starting April 1st that shiny HD DVD player might look a little shinier still. $100 to $200 shinier, to be exact. On that date Toshiba is dropping the price of its entry level HD-A2 HD DVD player to just $399 and cutting the upscale HD-XA2 from $999 to $799. The 1080p-capable HD-A20, which is to be released this Summer, gets an in vitro price drop too, going from $599 to $499. On top of that, if you buy any of these players by July 31st you can still send in a form to receive <A HREF="http://ultimateavmag.com/news/30807hddeals/">five free HD DVD movies</A>, according to TWICE.

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If you follow up a great sci-fi movie with two increasingly inferior sequels, how do you keep selling all three titles? You bundle all of them together so no one can skip out on the sequels, of course! OK, I know I'm being cynical. I love <I>The Matrix</I> and am as excited as the next to snatch this title up on HD DVD when it hits stores on May 22nd. And I'll even go so far as to say that I thought its sequel, <I>Matrix Reloaded</I> had some cool fight sequences and stunts. But I wouldn't watch the incomprhensible <I>Matrix Revolutions</I> again on a bet. Even George Lucas thinks it's whack that I have to buy all three movies to own the first.

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If you're a next-gen format with only three supporting studios total, and only one studio that's exclusive to your format, you could do worse than having that one exclusive studio be Universal. Following up on its promise to release over 100 HD DVD titles in 2007 Universal is releasing 13 catalog titles on the Toshiba-backed format this June. Count 'em- 13!

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Going back to those heady days of wine, roses and Laserdiscs, the general public, if aware at all of LD's existence, would yawn and claim to be interested when a recordable LD is introduced. Of course that never happened and LD is currently residing in the "where are they now" of consumer electronica.

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Earlier this week High-Def Digest reported that the Blu-ray release of the newest James Bond flick, <I>Casino Royale</I>, cracked the top ten DVD sales list at Amazon in its first day of release on Tuesday. Cracking the Amazon Top Ten is a first for either HD format, and surely a good sign of growing consumer acceptance of the next-gen formats.